Here are some common questions about BarcodeBeamer with answers. If your question is not already answered here, please do not hesitate to send it to

Q: How do I scan a code?

A: Start BarcodeBeamer app and point the camera towards a code - usually the distance is optimal when the code just barely fits the screen. If the code is a long one, turn the phone horizontally. Turn on the light from the "sun" icon if necessary. If a code is recognized in the viewfinder it's scanned automatically, no need for user action.

Q: How do I get into beta testing new versions of the app?

A: Send an email to and tell us why do you want to participate, well get back to you.

Q: Why there's only Windows Phone 8 app?

A: Gotta start somewhere.

Q: I'm worried about the privacy of my scanned barcodes and QR codes, are your connections encrypted?

A: Yes they are and well enough for personal use, but please consider before sending national secrets over them.

Q: Are you storing and analyzing the codes I scan?

A: Not at all, all of the traffic passing through our servers just do that - pass through. Only some connection info is logged so we can trace possible errors later on, but that's all.

Q: I see an update for BarcodeBeamer for Windows Phone on my phone, but it refuses to update, how do I fix this?

A: Try restarting your phone, it has helped others.

Q: Windows SmartScreen warns me when installing BarcodeBeamer for Windows, should I be worried?

A: Always be careful when installing new software on your computer - good! BarcodeBeamer for Windows is still in beta phase and I've signed it with my personal code signing key for now. As of 2014-02-02 SmartScreen didn't yet trust my key enough, but it should be fixed after enough installations are done without problems. In addition, CNET,, and have all checked it and approved to their collections so I'd say you can feel quite safe in this case.